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Welcome to SheppertonLive

Welcome to SheppertonLive. this is a website that, with the help of our users, hopes to bring people together in the village of Shepperton, Middlesex. Our sister Facebook page Friends of Shepperton, has nearly 8000 likes and is used daily to find lost animals, sell items, advertise jobs and keep us updated with the latest travel issues. This site aims to complement that page with permanent event reminders and a directory of local businesses.

SheppertonLive is supporting our village by allowing local trusted businesses to advertise cost effectively and encouraging us all to use Shepperton based companies. Browse this website to find out more about community matters. We are hoping to make our neighbourhood a better place step by step, and have a fantastic network of caring neighbours and community minded people, that's what makes Shepperton such an amazing place to live and work. Join in by letting us know of anything you'd like to share with the village and surrounding areas.

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